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Afterschool Program


Hutchinson Elementary School


Program Description


Our program is designed to meet the needs of children after school. After a full day at school, children need an opportunity to relax, chat with friends and unwind through physical activities. We provide experiences, materials and an environment in which each child can explore his/her own interests and make his/her own choices. Choices may include such activities as: creative writing, team sports, painting, reading, dramatic play, or homework. Limited homework support is provided. Seasonal activities and special events will be scheduled throughout the year.


The environment of the program is a community. The children participate in every aspect of the program in order to develop a sense of belonging and ownership within the program. There are mixed-age grouping in which the children can assist and learn from each other.


Daily Schedule


Children are given snack when they arrive. During the course of the program, there are opportunities for the children to explore different activities. There is outdoor play (weather permitting) and quiet time (to do homework or quiet activities). Our enrichment programs are based on the children’s interests and change accordingly.




One-time Registration Fee: $50
Annual Re-registration Fee: $25


The following fee schedule shows the monthly rate based on the number of days per week the child attends the afterschool program.  There is a discount as indicated for siblings attending the same program.


# days      First Child      Siblings
5   $504   $428
4   $427   $363
3   $339   $288
2   $246   $209
1   $132   $112





To register your child for our afterschool program, fill out the application and submit it by e-mail, fax, regular mail or bring it to the Center in person.


Welcome    About Us    Preschool    Afterschool    Photos    Contact Us    Latest News 
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